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Profit in Inventory - A week’s work in 10 minutes.

This project involved building a web application to automate the quarterly reconciliation process for calculation of Profit in Inventory. The original process relied heavily on Microsoft Excel. Over time, our Finance group had built up a complicated Excel solution involving multiple sheets, macros and reconciliation waypoints. Every step had to be triple-checked, adding pressure to meet the quarter-end deadline. Additionally, each of the 20 global finance reporting sites had different methods for calculating Profit in Inventory. We first mapped the process then walked through it with the Finance team and prototyped the solution in stages to build user confidence. Detailed testing with reference data was critical for such an intricate process. The application was built using C#, .net and SQL Server. Used every quarter since 2012, this system has saved over 800 hours of manual processing. Our automation project has set the global standard for this accounting task.

Thomas Adams

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