Supply Chain - The future is on time for FMC Technologies

Supplier Schedule Reporting: A step-change in Supply Chain Management

Late delivery of incoming material at FMC Technologies was leading to delayed production and poor on-time-delivery.
Buyers were typically spending 60% of their working week chasing suppliers for status updates on open purchase orders.
Supplier updates typically took a week to reach the Planning and Manufacturing departments.
Integrate open purchase order data from SAP.
Move responsibilty for PO schedule updates from buyers to suppliers.
Provide an up-to-date view of open PO's throughout the business.

Connected to SAP to create a database of open purchase orders in SQL Server.
Built a secure portal in .net which allowed suppliers to revise delivery schedules for their open orders.
Created a web reporting application in c# and HTML5 to provide all departments in FMC Technologies with a live position on open orders.
Cost-saving: To date, this system has produced annual operational savings of over $10M.
Productive: Buyers no longer spend 60% of their week on non-value-add repetitive tasks.
Responsive: As soon as a supplier makes a schedule change, the entire business can see it and decide how to respond.
Global standard: Our system has been in use worldwide for the past 4 years.