Process improvement

Dynamics 365 boosts performance at Processplus

Improving existing system increases sales team productivity.

The team at Processplus recognised they were not maximising the use of their systems, in particular Dynamics 365 and SharePoint.
Underutilisation of existing Dynamics 365 solution.
Paper based processes for sales enquiry and quote management.
Varied ability within team on both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Sharepoint – complete novices to some expert users.

Agreed project scope and defined project team to include members from both management and the operational sales team.
Performed gap analysis.
Streamlined processes defined, mapped and implemented in Dynamics 365 through system configuration and customisation.
User acceptance testing by project team to validate all new processes.
Production system upgraded.
SharePoint used to provide fast document access, consistent project folder structure and revision control.
Support for go-live period, ensuring best practice and optimal use of Dynamics 365.
Consistency: A single, clearly-defined sales process used by the entire team.
Speed: 2-minute system touch time from lead to order.
Accountability: Sales performance metrics presented in a management dashboard.
Paperless: All transactions in Dynamics 365 and documentation in SharePoint.