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New Global Shared Services process yields a 40% reduction

As part of my role as Global Process Owner for Accounts Payable within FMC Technologies I was responsible for all aspects of setting up the Accounts Payable team in this new environment. This included establishing best practice, driving system enhancements, producing training via the FMC University framework, delivering training and also being responsible for any issues in the manage and operate scenario. This role involved ensuring smooth integration between SAP and Readsoft Scanning solution. As part of the process we reduced the manual handling of paper invoices, by contacting all suppliers to provide invoices directly to an e-mail address and the Readsoft software automatically picked these invoices for processing. If for any legal reasons electronic invoices could not be provided then paper invoices we rescanned via a Multi Function Device to minimise the manual effort required by users. Invoices were automatically interpreted by Readsoft and sent directly to SAP. Poor interpretation was minimised via the Optimise module within Readsoft for which I was also responsible to train the users. Typically this process saved 40% of effort in the Accounts Payable team allowing a rationalisation of headcount.

Alison Graham

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